HalfStack: JavaScript conf in a London pub

Dylan Schiemann
2 min readOct 28, 2016


Seven years ago I was splitting my time between London and Phoenix. Along with Piotr Zalewa (of JSFiddle and MooTools), we started the London Ajax User Group, a fun monthly meetup that covers all things JavaScript, followed by discussion in the pub. In many cities this is not practical, but in London the public transit makes this easy to achieve.

Over the years we’ve had many many meetups with some incredible speakers, mostly at the great venue provided by Skills Matter, and a few early single track JS mini conferences including one focused on mobile. Even though I’ve since returned to Phoenix, I still visit London a few times per year and continue to help organise what I hope is a consistently fun monthly meetup.

Last year, we decided to try something different. We felt that the community needed to do something that was both informative and genuinely fun. And from this idea was born the idea of HalfStack, which is:

  • Single-track front-end JavaScript conference on a Friday
  • In a pub (at the old Truman Brewery)
  • Lunch via great street food
  • An evening afterparty with a JavaScript pub quiz
  • Time for people to talk and have fun
  • Talks that work well in this environment (either very inspiring or with very impressive demos)
  • Affordable
HalfStack 2015
Ruth John’s webmidi setup at HalfStack 2015

HalfStack is a community-driven event, focused on having fun talking about front-end JavaScript in an intimate setting. Read about HalfStack 2015, or get your ticket now for HalfStack 2016 while tickets last. We hope to see you there!



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